Friday, June 1, 2012

[REPOST] what is love?!?


What is love?

What is the difference between love and like? love and infatuation? (I know the difference between love and lust so i won't bother with that question) How can you tell the difference?

How do you know when you've found "The One"? How can you tell he/she is Mr/Ms Right instead of Mr/Ms Right Now?

When do you know its right to get married? What's the difference between being married and being in a serious, committed relationship (other than the legal/religious recognition)?

What is love?!?

ETA: Happy new month folks. 5 months down, 7 months to go in 2012!


  1. Lady Ngo, This your question is harder that POST JAMB question o. Lol.

    Thinking of the right answers, will get back shortly.

  2. hahaha, take your time o, the questions are not goin anywhere.

  3. To answer the one of how do you know it is love? I guess it is intuitive. How correct you are is usually a marker as to how keen your intuitive perception is.

  4. My answer is simple, you can never know. Love/like/Mr. Right [now/later/never] can never know. It's like sports, you could have the best preparation/team and seem to be winning in the beginning, but the score board after the final whistle that would decide.

  5. What is love? Love is patient, love is kind etc etc go read 1 Corinthians 14

    What is the difference between love and like?
    ov and ik.
    I like you but i can do without you.
    I love you and i can do without you but it will be hard and sad :)

    love and infatuation?
    the latter is still wearing rosy colored spectacles and thinks you are perfect :)
    The former loves you inspite of your imperfections.

    How do you know when you've found "The One"? How can you tell he/she is Mr/Ms Right instead of Mr/Ms Right Now? The 100million question. Prayers??

    When do you know its right to get married?
    When you are okay with the thought of forever with that person in the context of 1Corinthians 14

    What's the difference between being married and being in a serious, committed relationship (other than the legal/religious recognition)
    The paper?
    The Invitation to God/family to witness & support.

    What is love?! Its a daily decision.

    1. Oh Ginger *tear*. Have i told you a hurum gi nanya lately?!? lol #NoHomoTho

    2. Ewu!! come and collect hankie :)

  6. lol.. pls can I just mention its 1st Cor ch 13. I have hacked in my head since forever. not 14 ginger. sorry.

    To answer your question... enjoying the song btw.. nodding my head to it..loves 80's beats... woah...

    Ok back to the question.

    I agree, look up 1st Cor 13. To explain deeper: to have such love for another is one that comes from loving yourself and being able to deliver those qualities to yourself, people around you and ultimately to God. As hard as it seems this love is what I refer to as unconditional love it has nothing to do with expectations or logical reasoning or benefits it just pure LOVE OFFERED from the good intentions from one's heart. It is the type of love we as Christians are encouraged to have and that is the type of LOVE GOD HAS FOR US. TO have this love is demonstrating the God in us. After all God is love.

    Now love between two spouses should be based on clear and good intentions and my best is 1st Cor 13. However, with spouse, there is attraction and that attraction is interwoven with LOVE and it makes sooooooooooooooo NICE... AND YEAH GOEY. LOL.

    With like: you are fond of the person, there is something about them that you like to see or want to see or like seeing. Its like meeting someone and they are on the same page as you, you immediately take a liking to them. But attraction can also begin to set in with more time spent together well in the case of (female and male). In some instances, liking does not mean relationship or commitment due to various circumstances. Besides, later down the line you might find that you are not compatible with the person e.g. their moral standards is different from yours. Certain things you would not approve of etc. Or they might not like you in that way the "romantic way".

    Infatuation: is a feeling whilst LOVE IS A DECISION. We make constant decision to love someone regardless of their flaws or perfections. That is why when we some couples, we wonder are u kidding me?lol. Love is a conscious decision that is set in the mental state to LOVE Regardless. Sometimes we hear stories of people that will do the "impossible in the name of love" although some are clearly stupid or sound stupid.

    Infatuation is a feeling that can last for as long as it can. This why we hear stuff like "i stopped loving him". well its a feeling and human feelings are flimsy. It comes and goes for the person. Some people confuse feelings with love or think love is about having great sex or something silly as such. In a nutshell, infatuation is feeling interwoven with attraction.

    1. How to find the one? well like ginger its prayer. but bible also said "watch". TO be honest people usually say " there is not one particular person made for you, anyone can potentially be the ONE".

      Personally, I think they are so many dudes I can like and get along with but there is ONE person I can share my soul with. That my dear is the ONE. LOL. There has to be a connection. LIKE A CONNECTION that is not understood or seen by either other person. IT WEIRD but its different. WHEN you meet him you will know. Having said that WISDOM should be applied. The person has to be on the same page as you, there has to be something constantly pulling u two together making it impossible to live with one or the other. BUT in a nutshell, the ONE IS the person that possess all the qualities and more that complements you in every way possible and you do the same in return. It takes grace to find such person and it take prayer to keep your doors locked to evil eyes and bad belle people.

      To the last one? When do you know its time to get married? Basically, marriage is ordained by GOD well that is the believe. I believe it too based on the moral guidelines concerning it. Genesis, explains the purpose of God creating a woman for a man and how he sees the benefits of it and the man also too. For those reasons and more, and a man shall leave his family and cling to his wife. In essence, for a man to know its time to get married he a) understands the joy and commitment a marriage involves i.e. being the head etc etc. He must have a purpose to fulfill and finally he knows he needs a special woman to help him fulfill the purpose. The bible says in the book of proverbs 18 vs 22 "He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the LORD".
      In essence, hubby will proceed to make you his wife if knows in his heart he CANT DO IT without YOU or he can do without you but chooses not to do without YOU because he knows this is IT i.e. YOU ARE THE ONE THAT MAKES HIM GO GAGA and you two work insync. But there are other constraints that might influence his decisions to wait longer or not i.e. family acceptance, finances, state of mind etc etc. Most importantly, I like to think hubby knows he has to make the move before another one comes and snatches me off from him. HENCE, HE KNOWS MY Not always the case. Humans are dynamic in nature. We need God grace, I know I certainly need his grace.

      to be married is to fulfill one of many God visions he has called us to do(What God has joined together let no man put asunder). but if am not going all religion or legal here then its becomes a tradition.. Marriage has its roots in history and the support its offers for family and community. There is something about marriage, I suppose to an extent its making a declaration to everyone that not available (you are off the market and willing to share all that you have or desire to have with your partner).It is the security that comes with it as well and its ideologies. In summary, marriage is sacred.
      You cant take religion away from marriage by doing so you would have to call it another name or title.

      In a committed relationship I am not sure what you mean but if you meant they have both chosen not be married. Then I suppose, they are doing their own thing. I think the difference might be that it has no recognition in society or has a value to it based on traditions or it could be seen has anything i.e. unethical or immoral based on society teachings ohh... Its like ok... Even though some committed relationships might be better than some marriages sha.
      That is why people need to invest in their mental growth to understand some things.

      I know have written a whole post on this lol.

      FORGIVE ME. You would think am a preacher, am not. lol.
      hope this helps.. xxx


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