Friday, March 18, 2011

Random stuff from this week

  • I've finally found a practicum site for the summer (actually 2, but we'll see how that works out). Im hoping all goes well with that. My biggest concern is going to be my complete lack of funds for summer since i won't be getting paid at either practicum site. 

  • In my Theories of Student Development class, we were discussing racial identity theory. I found it so hard to take seriously because the theorist was Caucasian...and how is some white man and white lady going to tell me about being black lol. There are 2 black people in the class (including me) so after we were done reviewing the theory, the professor asked our opinions on it lol. Part of me knew that was coming but another part of me didn't really expect her to ask lol. Either way, I told her that I didn't buy too much into the theory because what (most) scholars in the field of sociology/psychology/counseling etc- particularly those that aren't black- fail to realize that there is NO single black experience. There are too many different kinds of black people to ever be able to say anything is 100% black (without further classifying it as african- and even that is misleading, Caribbean, Af-Am, etc). I also stated that coming from two different "black" backgrounds (african-american and nigerian for those who don't know), i have other issues of racial/ethnic development to deal with for me to fit into that particular model.

  • Yesterday I changed my facebook profile pic to that of one with me holding my friend's new baby. I got so many messages, calls, etc asking when had i become a mommy and why i hadn't told them and blah blah blah. OMG. I think i need to take that pic down lol. Its bad enough that in the past year I know over 10 people who have given birth, but add to that that everyone insists that I am next. These people are insane if they think I'm having a baby any time soon lol. Not only am I not partaking in the behaviors that would lead to pregnancy (if you catch my drift), but i am in no way ready to be anyone's mother. 

  • I am anxiously waiting for my mom to cut into that pineapple i just saw in the fridge. I can already taste it (yay for healthy snacks)

  • I really need to learn to cook- or rather learn how to be patient enough to cook. My problem has always been that I cook when i'm hungry. So naturally the few minutes it takes to boil water alone feel like hours lol. You can imagine how my food often turns out. I'm surprised I've not had to get my stomach pumped yet for eating undercooked food lol. I do make some good stuff sometimes though.

  • I feel like giving this blog a face lift but i don't know what I want to do with it yet...

Sidenote: Thanks to everyone thats following and/or commenting on the blog- i really appreciate ya :)


  1. On the identity issue..what makes them think do know us that well?

    fb??? love for it.

    can't cook? problemo!, i am a passive cook myself! want an easy way out.that is why i praise 9jafoodie oo.

  2. Ask me why i smiled when i saw the word "practicum". I'm such a nerd. I haven't heard or thought of that word in forever. In case you didn't know, i have my bachelors in psychology. Anyhoodle, i think cooking is a breeze and even when i have exams i find time to cook cos in my mind, it happens quickly. So i'm often surprised when people say it takes too much time and effort to cook. In my mind, i'm a chef.

    That reminds me, i have a luscious looking pineapple sitting in my fridge when i get back to school. It better not go bad before i get back.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how certain actions on FB get blown out of proportion. We really are all amebos, lol!

    I love pineapples. I think they are my best fruit. Which is saying a lot since I LOVE fruits.

  4. I like taking pictures with new born babies, but I avoid posting them on FB because of the questions.

  5. Congrats for finding two places to do your practicum. Even though you are not going to be paid. At least half bread is better than 'poff-poff'.

    You don't know what you are missing by not being a mrs. talkless of having a baby. It is the joy of every woman to have a baby. It is good you don't do any activity that will lead to pregnancy yet (that is if it is true o). But the sooner the better. And when it happens pls extend I.V to me o. I like awuff.

    As for you not having the patience to cook, it is allowed. That is why we have restaurants out there. If everybody cooks, how are the restaurants going to make their money, how are the people working there going to make ends meet.

    As for the pineapple thing, I'm calling mom right away to make sure the closet you get to the pineapple is you going to throw the peel in the refuse bin. lol

  6. @Ib and Madame Sting- its not so much that cooking is too much time/effort because i somewhat enjoy cooking from time to time. but when you are hungry, or distracted or just plain not interested lol, cooking can be the biggest nuisance in the world.

    @Natural Nigerian- the pineapple was so good, what little of it i actually got.

    @Prism- i've already changed the pic lol. too much wahala having to explain every 2 seconds that it was not my baby lol

    @surprise- i did not say i've not done those things yet, i said i am not doing them now o! lol, anywho i think u may have called my mom now- when i went to go and have some of the pineapple there was hardly anything left hisssssss!


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