Saturday, March 19, 2011

oh nollywood...

I've just finished watching this Blackberry Babes movie (Part 1&2 cuz u know now that the movie will have 1 million additional parts to it for no good reason as is the norm for naija movies lol). Now that oya baby bb nonsense that they played for almost the entire 2+ hours of the movie is stuck in my head!

Anywayz, if not for the Apollonia character and Emeka and his crazy english lol, i don't think i would have been able to make it through the whole thing. Tonto Dikeh, and  Oge Okoye (who look way too much alike) and co. were extremely annoying with their foolish accents and mannerisms. I can't understand why Tonto had those curling rods in her hair for like 90% of the film lol.

It was also rather difficult to watch after having just seen Tonto, Muna, and Ajibola Dabo together in Dirty Secret lol. Especially since their character dynamics were parallel short of the whole incest/homosexuality aspect.

I wish i had known there was a part 3&4 because I would have waited until those were released before i started watching the movie.

Now that i'm done complaining lol, the movie was ok. Not spectacular, but it was alright. Im sure that with part 3 & 4 we will see greater plot and character development.


  1. Ah! To me ehn..that movie was a waste of my time jare! Why did Tonto have the bendy rollers in her hair? is that a new fashion accessory? shooo" The movie had no real plot, just random scenes...the song stuck to my head

  2. Dont mind nollywood jor, man must whack. Please could you do a summary of the movie minus the song for those of us who do not have the chance to watch it. The way we dey do summary in waec those days. Lol

  3. Yes, pls someone tell me why Tonto has those rollers in her hair the whole time. I totally agree that if i had known the movie had part 3 and 4 i wouldn't have watched it.

  4. @surprise- there really is no fitting summary to give lol. Like Sisi Yemmie said, it was just a bunch of scenes with no real plot. Basically the premise of the movie is all the crazy lengths these chicks go to get a blackberry (stealing, lying, sex, etc) and how badly they treat other girls that don't have one. There is a plot line developing regarding scamming and such but we won't see that until part 3

  5. wow!!! u did it!!! I think u mentioned something about wanting to change ur Blog-Look.. this looks really pretty.. I am sorry I have nothing to say abt the post itself as I havent watched either of the movies..:)

  6. @HoneyDame- hahaha, thats ok. thanks for the compliment on my blog's mini makeover :)

  7. like your new- look; brighter..reflects your personality...glad i had not watched the nonsense o!...i don't have love for nollywood movies!

  8. lol so i'm the only one that hasnt watched this movie. i dnt like oge okoye so much but i wochd the movie's trailer and it looked like a good laugh so i'll give it a shot.
    nice blog :)

  9. funny movie!!!!
    did u say
    "we will see greater plot and character development. "
    In a nollywood movie? sweetie dont hold ur breath, lie lie
    just accept them for what they are, dont expect any better.
    i dont watch naija films, and its cos of the buzz this one made on twitter, people kept asking me if i was going to star in it LMAO thats why i saw it
    it was just a good laugh THATISALL
    those bendy rollers killed me, i guess she was trying to show us how to preserve Brazilian hair
    Thanks for stopping at mine :*

  10. nice blog for that Blackberry babes I just tire for the "fakeness" of the girls. From the accents to the mannerisms to the rollers in tonto's hair down to the unnecessary referral to social networking sites (they said that like 100 times) and to the ownership of 4 BB phones by students..I just tire now,I do enjoy watching watching nollywood films but this one was just too bad, ah ah!..especially in 2011. anyway, I rest my case cos I will still watch part 3&4 when it is errr, LadyNgo, as I would say in naija, you must "wash" this blog makeover o! baby BB


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