Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nonsense in the news
The first time i read about this story, i was so hoping the guy wasn't much for that! In short, this man goes to Taco Bell to get his favorite Beefy Crunch Burrito only to find that the price has increased 50 cents from .99 to $1.49. Chaos ensues, shots are fired, chase is given and 4+ hour standoff with SWAT occurs! My friends, your fast food consumption should never be that serious! (Funny enough, I'm going to Taco Bell in a lil while lol. Check for me on the news if my Chicken Grilled Taquitos have gone up in price)
Poor Chris Brown. I wish people would just leave him alone. Even though i'll admit his reaction was a lil over the top, that lady shouldn't have been provoking him (not excusing it, im just saying!). If the interview was supposed to be about F.A.M.E, then ask him about F.A.M.E. I don't see why people have to continually bring up the whole Rihanna incident. And to be honest, I personally am not that mad at Chris Brown over it because first of all its none of my business lol and second, (even though i don't condone a man ever hitting a woman) if you are gonna get bold and brazen with a man you need to prepared to be dealt with like a man. Take that however you like. But anywho, you will see that most of the people commenting on the story across the various blogs, news and gossip sites are saying "you need to go back to anger management because obviously it didn't work" to which i reply, how bout we just no unnecessarily provoke the man when we know, nee assume, he has anger issues! Thats like starving a lion and then rolling around in butter wine sauce and jumping in the cage with him- then getting mad when he eats your leg. Come on now. (This one I actually got from Chixta's World)
This story just doesn't make sense to me. The family calls the police to help locate their son, whom they believe has not taken his medication (he's diabetic) and that he may have taken a sleeping pill. When the police finally find the kid, they run him off the road and shoot him 3 times. WTF?!? Talk about unnecessary force! The boy was not speeding (so no need to run him off the road) and when approached by the officer did not make any movements or threat of violence- so why shoot him? And three shots at that! All of this is caught on the dash cam of the police car and of course, the officer seems to be getting off scott-free. And people wonder why folks don't trust or cooperate with the police. SMH


  1. really nonsense o jare! haba!

    #1..nah by force to buy?

    #2..too much of everything is bad! let it go! really?.couldn't they call him or wait till he got home?...does not make sense o jare!

  2. News item 1...The dude should have sold the bullet fired and use the proceed to augment the price differential. Or is a bullet not more than 50 sents? Don't go and try your luck like that dude did plse, because blogsville gonna miss you.

    News item 2... I don't want to dabble into the 'matrimonial affairs' of CB and Rhihana. They r both adults and they know what they want from each other.

    News item 3...The officers may have their reasons for doing so. Until they are interrogated and the reasons found out from them, I would not want to say anything yet.

  3. about the CB story, i heard he had approved the questions before the show..i feel he has an issue sha. even if he's pissed does he hv to break glass..such a little boy!,lol
    omg the first story is jst crazy..sum ppl are mental,lol

  4. Looool @ "My friends, your fast food consumption should never be that serious!"


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