Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Im Back Baby (in my trey songz voice)!

LOL, so im back home from my lil weekend getaway. I am so glad i took it. If i had the time and the money i would definitely make this a regular routine lol. One day though, one day...

Anywho, coming back to reality, the first thing i made sure i did was catch the episode of Basketball Wives that i missed on sunday (the hotel i stayed at did not have vh1 *insert sad face here*) and watch The Game (the first time in 3 weeks i've actually stayed up long enough to catch the episode).

I want to tackle Basketball Wives and the infamous Tami-Evelyn-Kenny sex scandal lol. Let me start by saying that i really don't care for any of the women on the show. They each have some serious character flaws. So im not taking sides based on who my favorite "character" is or anything. Anywho, usually I think Tami is way over the top with her emotional outbursts but in this particular instance, she was well within her rights. *For the benefit of those who don't follow the show- Evelyn slept with Tami's husband (at the time, they have since divorced) and claims she didn't know that he was married blah blah blah. Evelyn and Tami have becoming friends and but it is not until now that Evelyn has decided to fess up to the incident*

The sad thing about all of this is, although Tami was hurt and upset by the fact that Evelyn slept with her man, she seemed like she may have actually been able to forgive...but of course Evelyn opened her big mouth and ruined it by stating that "she didn't know/care/whatever that Kenny was married, that Tami was a non factor and nobody gave a damn that she was Kenny's wife and whatever else rude remarks were in her unwarranted tirade. Honestly, how are you going to get mad that your friend is mad that you screwed her then-husband?!? That is just senseless. Tami wasn't even being normal, over the top"crazy Tami" in this situation. She was simply explaining (and rather calmly for someone who just found out that her so-called friend f*cked her husband) that she was hurt by the fact that Evelyn hadn't divulged that information and that she found it hard to believe that she didn't know Kenny was married. I think Evelyn was all the way wrong about this whole situation. From messing with a married man to not coming clean sooner if she were gonna come clean at all (something i don't even think was necessary anyway).

SIDENOTE: in the tabloids today it said that Evelyn was not planning on coming back to Basketball Wives because she claims the producers set her up and that THEY were the ones that told Tami about her sleeping with Kenny. Source:

Additional Sidenote: I am beyond upset that the reunion is going to be a two-part episode spilt up between sunday and monday night! i need instant gratification- i can't wait a whole 24 hours to see what happens in part 2. LOL


  1. Oh what drama!!! Please wot's even the surety that this really happened? It is a tv show....ratings....more viewers.....more commercials....more money!
    @ this point, I cannot even be bothered with both Tamy and Evelyn. They should both get over themselves! shikena
    As for you lady, welcome back..:) what did you bring for us? * i know, begger begger , abi?*

  2. oops! it seems i was confused when i read it in Newlyweds..i thought it was Tami that slept with her ex-husband while he was dating Evelyn!

    So it was evelyn that slept with Tami's ex-husband, which soiled their relationship?

    abegi! na dem sabi o jare!...this is my first time of hearing it.

  3. @HoneyDame- thank u for the welcome (even with this ur hand out lol). Whether this one is real or fake, its all entertaining to me lol. I can't help myself. I should go read a book instead of wasting brain cells.

    @Ibhade- i think it was Evelyn's attitude that made the situation worse. But who knows


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