Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Luv My LPsiD

Today marks the first day of Lambda Psi Delta's annual 9-day celebration of our national founding: Diamond Days. As we approach our 14th anniversary, I am more and more proud to be a duly initiated, card and certificate carrying, financial and active soror of this finest and fiercest sisterhood.

In case you didn't know: Lambda Psi Delta is a MULTICULTURAL organization founded on March 9, 1997 at Yale University by nine strong diverse women who sought to create an organization where each woman could fight for her own cause in her own community, at the same time uniting all other communities to support and aid in the struggle through the works of the sorority. We are a service based organization (for women, by women and about women) that was formed to give all women a chance to experience TRUE sisterhood. We are devoted to fulfilling the five tenets of: 

Intellectual Development

Empowerment of Women
Cultural Awareness
Upliftment of the Community

For more information about the finest and fiercest sisterhood in the nation, visit us at lambdapsidelta.org

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