Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Basketball Wives (yeah, again...i know)

So I just finished watching both parts of the Reunion Show and ugh...its so hard to believe that these are grown women lol. The only person that really surprised me though was Royce (whom i don't like and haven't really liked since the show began). I don't know why she made it her business to be the antagonist. She was just talking out the side of her neck for no real reason. IDK, maybe she was just trying to spice up her character or get more airtime or whatever (rumors have been circulating that she may be getting kicked of the show for being so boring lol and because she is not allowed to talk about Dwight Howard) but she was beyond over the top. While most people on the blogs and message boards are applauding her for taking on Mean and Evil (aka Jen and Evelyn), I just think she was being a b*tch- which makes her no better than the rest of them.

I've always liked Jen, Gloria, and Suzie (somewhat) so i don't really have anything to say there.

Tami, also surprised me a lil bit. If you can get past her drunken episodes lol, she's actually a very wise, real, down to earth person. I respect the way she handled all the situations brought up at the reunion. And she looked absolutely gorgeous, by the way.

As for Evelyn, i actually think she gets a bad rap. Being a New Yorker myself, i feel like i understand her attitude a lot better than someone who isn't from the Big Apple. In essence, she's a one-upper. She has to have the last word. She likes to be the alpha female of the pack. I think that its just an Empire State of Mind (Jay-Z) though, because im like that too lol. I do not, however, condone any of her crazy behavior- that, im not here to defend lol.

Sidenote: That Ashley girl really grated my nerves with the whole "i was raising money to go to Africa" nonsense. Africa is a damn continent, not a city, state, or country. I hate when people reference Africa as if it is one big place where everything and everyone is the same. I hate it so so so so much. Why is it so hard to say i'm going to Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, etc? If you are going to Spain, you're not gonna say you are going to Europe...if you're going to Argentina, you're not gonna say you're going to South America (well some might lol). So i don't understand what the problem is.
I think this rant is eventually gonna get its own post lol. We'll see.


  1. LMAOF! Girl Ashley or whatever her name was is IRRELEVANT! So Girl Bye!

    And OMG! Ditto Ditto! Ditto on d Royce comment.
    She was doing wayyyy 2much last nite. It's one thing 2 finally start standing up for urself but to start being a bitch for no reason made no sense to me.
    Like u said, It looked like d rumors about her being boring was finally getting to her. The part where she actually started reading the DM got me so mad, I decided to tweet her. Lmaoo

    *sigh* but it's not that serious!

    Evelyn...Ugh! I can't stand but she does bring life to the show.


    Shaunie- A snake

    Tami- cool so far.

    Jen-- indifferent abt her

    Gloria- I like that she stands up for herself but she's clearly in denial abt her relationship


  2. oops! sorry! am confused with the whole drama since i don't watch it.take care.

  3. Think I watched only once, didn't really catch the drift. BTW, I'm a follower, I thought you'd reciprocate my good will & join me too. *wink*



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