Thursday, March 31, 2011

And this is why ppl need to learn to communicate effectively

I don't know whether or not this is actually true but daaaaaaaaaaaamn man. Communication is definitely key! I don't even understand how something like this could happen (well, i do a little bit but damn).


  1. seriously communication is a very huge problem in relationships. It even worse in long distance relationships! Im in a long distance relationship and by now i think i know how words can turn into somethings else, issues out of nuttin! sigh

  2. Oh Boy!!!This hits home like crazy! I am also in a LDR and trust me, it is very very easy to throw words around. I could be very assumptive and sometimes, my written words bite more than my spoken words.
    This video really shows how easy it is for stuff to spiral downwards...Let he who has ears....Thanks for sharing

  3. The dude self no try, how can you not get in touch with your girlfriend for 2weeks, even if she knows where you are.

    Passionate people,I must say, when we love we love and when we comment.

  4. This whole thing is so crazy. And it really does show how crazy things can be when we let our mind wander. Both have a role to play though. The girl for jumping to conclusions (and jumping into another man's bed after only 5 days) and the guy for not putting forth the effort to contact the girl while he was away.
    Personally, if my honey had not returned any of my calls/texts i'd assume that something terrible had happened not that he was being a douche.

  5. With all this craziness, I can only conclude that this is not a REAL relationship! LOL

  6. so why didn't he tell her he was going on vacation? is there is network there? ....concur with 9jamum.


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