Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When keepin it real goes wrong: UK vs Naija edition

So i was surfing the blogs when i came across this post on Nawa 4 you oh!. In short, a UK resident has been arrested and sentenced to 8 months in jail because she sent her 17 year old son to live in Naija wit his dad due to behavior issues.

Supposedly the boy felt like he was gonna be sent to Naija and forced to get married (which for a male is nowhere near as big a deal as if he were a woman, IMO). So when he turned up missing the boy's mom was called into court and ordered to make arrangements for his return. When she didnt, she was sentenced to 8 months in jail. They say that since he is a UK citizen/resident/whatever, that he has the right to continue living there and that this is somehow a violation of his human rights.

This just absolutely blew my mind. Since when is it a crime to send your child back home? The kid just came to UK as a 10 year old. Its not like he was born there and she just packed him up and sent him away to some foreign land that he knew nothing about. And my goodness, its only Naija. Its not like she sent him to Kuwait for goodness sake. He is with family and im sure he's fine.

Really im still in shock. I can't even imagine. These are the links to the story:


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