Friday, February 25, 2011

Too many topics for one title

For the past week i've had so many things i've wanted to blog about. And every time i've sat down to start writing, something has come up. So this post is going to be a mini-compilation of all the crap that i've been hearing/thinking about as of late.

"Single Husbands" by HoneyB aka Mary B Morrison
In short the book is about 3 men who are married but out smashing anything that moves lol. One hates his wife, the other only married his wife for convenience (but still is somewhat trying to make it work) and the last one treats his wife like a queen (but that doesn't put a leash on his goods). Like most books, there are some "book club" discussion questions at the end. All i can say is someone has obviously wronged Ms. HoneyB lol. She is bitter as hell towards the idea of marriage. Her entire intro to the book was the argument that nowhere in your vows does it flat-out say that you have to be faithful to your partner. So going in, it seems like her whole purpose in writing the book is to prove that point.; Her first discussion question was "has reading this story changed your opinion about faithfulness in marriage" (or something along those lines). My answer is hell to the no lol. Nothing is going to make me find cheating and infidelity as acceptable- certainly not a fictional tale filled with all kinds of ridiculous drama and unnecessary risks. If nothing else, there are too many damn STDs in this world for me to be ok with my man out there f*cking everything that moves.

It was a decent read though. I would suggest it as a casual read.

Internet Dating
IDK why all my friends think im so against internet dating lol. People will literally not tell me about their S.O.s because they think im gonna judge them based on  the way they met them. Sooooo not the case. I've found some interesting ppl online my damn self. So im no stranger to the whole e-dating thing. But i will say this: like any other relationship, i believe an internet relationship should develop organically. That is to say, I would date someone that i met online but i wouldn't go online with the specific intention of finding someone to date. So theres no eHarmony, or in my near future. Maybe if i hit like 27 and i dont even have a boyfriend i might expand my options (my biological clock is already ticking, im sure by then the alarm will be blaring in my ears lol) but for now i dont see the point in seeking out a relationship.

Im Surrounded by Ambitious Individuals
Well apparently i'm surrounded by ambitious STORYTELLERS lol. See, it pays to follow ur first instinct when you think someone is on that bulls#it! Moving right along...

Funny stuff in the news

Basically some chick beat the crap outta her roommate for stealing her thin mints LMAO. Honestly, as ridiculous as this story is, I can relate lol. Girl Scout cookies only come once a year and if i came home to find my s#it gone, i might have to pay my roomie a visit too lol. But on the flipside, you can freakin get girl scout cookies at WalMart for like $2. Yeah, they are "Great Value" brand and im not positive which types of cookies they have (i like tagalongs so thats all im concerned with buying) but i know they definitely have the thin mints. There is no reason to go to jail over cookies man lol


  1. I read that Single Husbands book last year and I enjoyed it too, didn't take it too serious though. LOL...on your thoughts about joining I have a love story about a couple that met on hi5 on my blog, maybe you'll have something to say to that...

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. hey! tnx for stopping over at my blog.

    About the novel, i have not read it, & your review on it borders on justifying unfaithfulness which i don't like.

    as for e-dating,it's a risky works for some, but some get hurt.

    congratulation to your friend. :)


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