Saturday, February 12, 2011

Its not me, so it must be YOU

What is wrong with guys these days? Like seriously, i dont just understand them. Especially the ones that you are ignoring/avoiding/running away from/etc. Has the following ever happened to you:

You're dating and relating talking to a guy and he says or does something that just ticks you off so you decide to stop talking to this person. Some time passes and out of the blue they start trying to contact you. Not wanting to be completely mean, you just kinda shrug it off. When they see that they aren't in your good graces they ask "Whats wrong with you? Are you sad/depressed? Do you need some company?"

What the hell? No nothing is wrong with me dude, its your ass! Are we just going to ignore that fact that i have completely cut you off for x-amount of months/years/lifetimes? I clearly don't want to talk to you. Because im not being your lap dog there must be something wrong with me?!? Oh and do i want some company?!? Are you kidding. If i've not talked to you in however long, what in the world makes you think that i want you to come and get it poppin keep me company?!? 

Sadly, this has happened to me so many times i've lost count. I suppose the simple solution would be to tell people to leave me the hell alone since obviously being subtle doesnt work.

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