Monday, February 28, 2011

DO people really do that???

For as long as I can remember, I have been a very avid reader of Cosmopolitan (don't judge me oh!). Why I do not have a subscription, I dont know...especially since i literally buy almost every monthly issue and have been doing so for at least 4-5 years now.

Now that I shared with you my Cosmo Credentials, I will go on to say that Cosmo is nothing but an entertaining rip-off lol. Every issue of this magazine is almost identical to the last. I mean really, how many different sets of "99 ways to please my man" can there possibly be in this world? I mainly read for giggles (and sometimes out of curiosity for those 99 ways to please my non-existent/future man) because some of the "reader provided" stories and anecdotes are just too funny.

In  addition to being beyond hilarious, some of the things people are claiming to have done or enjoy are just too ridiculous for words. Month after month, i find myself reading and saying "wow, do people really do/enjoy that?" What further gets me is, what possessed you to try this activity in the first place to even be able to ascertain whether or not it is enjoyable? Some (non xxx-rated) examples from the January issue include:

  • "sweep your boobs over the back of his neck (not that bad really but still made me raise my eyebrow)
  • "he can insert his penis where the underside of your boob meets your ribs" (really tho?!?)
  • "lick his eyelids and then blow on your saliva" (thats just nasty)
  • "my wife put lube on the inside of her forearm and slid her arm back and forth between my upper thighs" (how did u even think of this???)
Ok, those were some pretty tame examples. For the sake of the fact that i have no clue who will be checking out this blog i will say for more "out there" stories, pick up an issue of Cosmo.


  1. lol....i was thinking the same thing today when i wanted to buy ELLE mag. The stories these guys come up with are basically recycled....but we all fall for it everytime :) lovely blog. Ushould stop by mine
    Are u on twitter? u should try putting up a link on ur blog so u can reach more readers :)

  2. You got me laughing so much! I don't read Cosmo anymore but you reminded me of them days, lol..


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