Friday, January 28, 2011

A New Perspective on 2011 (ha- that rhymed a lil)

2011 has already brought so many changes to me life. I wouldn't necessarily call them major changes per se, but definitely changes to my outlook and what i want to see happen in the near future. As I am progressing in life, I have started trying to think a bit more realistically about my future. Finishing graduate school, finding a life partner/settling down, my career path, etc. Not to say that i've never thought of things before (because i definitely have), i'm just taking a different mind set to these things.

I have also been thinking about adding more enjoyment to my life. I have always been the mature one, the sense of reason, the one that picks up EVERYONE'S slack when i know something that needs to get done, isnt getting done. At this point i'm tired of being that person. I just want to get out and enjoy life. And sometimes i feel bad about that. Not that I don't think i deserve to have fun but like i said i've always been the responsible girl and while im out gallivanting there's other work that i could/should be doing.

Either way, I have decided that my 2011 will be a year of work AND fun, triumph and travel, and any other goofy euphemism that will accurately describe my thoughts. By the end of this year, I intend to:

  1. join at a professional society
  2. join at a social organization either on campus or in the community
  3. travel to at least 2 places
    1. i actually have both trips semi-planned but both might fall through because the dependent factors-1 a travel partner, the other a person i plan on visiting- are proving to be a bit of a hassle at the moment.
  4. Get a graduate assistantship in my program
  5. Crank that 3.5+ GPA

Yeah, its not a long list. This new perspective is just that, new! Give me a few months and I'm sure i'll be back with an updated post with more goals for the year.

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