Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj

When Nicki Minaj first came out I was determined not to like her. In my mind she was nothing more than a big gimmick. Not to mention a complete swagger-jacker and a weirdo lol. But the more i listen to her, the more i like her songs lol. I just wish she would shut the hell up about Lil Kim already! Yes you copied her, and yes she is feeling some kind of way about it. WTF did you expect to happen?!? Its not like Nicki mimicked Kim a lil bit here and there...her entire marketing strategy were 100% Lil Kim knockoffs.

Now i've been listening to Romans Revenge and Black Friday recently. First, i didnt even know that Romans Revenge came out first...i just heard it for the first time like 2 weeks ago lol. Now had Black Friday come out 1st then i'd understand why she wrote Romans Revenge. But thats not the case. Either way, Romans Revenge is probably the dumbest crap i've ever heard lol. Like all it is, is a bunch of words that rhyme. Theres like 2 or 3 lines that im like "aaaaawwww shit, she said that!" lol. The rest is BS. And thats part of the reason why i don't like Nicki (and half these "rappers" these days). Once upon a time lyrics were actually supposed to say something- not just be words out of the rhyming dictionary!

Anywho, my stance is this: Kim is not competition for Nicki and vice versa. Yeah Nicki is hot right now but Kim been hot for over a decade! To this day I still bump Lil Kim songs from the 90s. Everything that Nicki is doin now, Kim has already done if not pioneered. And for as much crap as Nicki talks, guaranteed when the next "Nicki Minaj" comes around, she's gonna be just as salty as she claims Kim is and the circle will continue to go on.

At the end of the day i like both women as artists. I think Nicki needs to just do her own thing and stop trying to drum up business by talkin about Kim every 2 seconds

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  1. lol.. i'm a die-hard nicki minaj fan. lil kim was the 1 that started the beef and the gist is, she alwys picks fights with every up and coming female rapper. lady gaga has so many fans right now and we all know she's like a 21st century version of madonna.. but u dnt see madonna getting upset over lady gaga's fame.. thats why she(madonna) is truly a legend and lil kim, regardless of hw good she used to be.. would only be remembered as a sore looser,lol
    nice blog though :)


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