Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Igba Nkwu

The older I get, the heavier the expectation to marry and have a family weighs on me- especially since i've already graduated from college. It used to be that the Nigerian side of the family was itching for me to settle down but now the American side has started in as well. I have even started giving myself lil "lets get it together" pep talks lol. I knew my time was coming when I started dreaming about men coming to my father's house because they wanted to "pick a flower from the garden" (my Naija people know what i'm talking about lol).

I really want to have an Igba Nkwu (traditional Igbo wedding aka wine carrying ceremony). Obviously since my fam is in the US its not really an option for me to do it full up. But I still fully intend to have a slightly watered down version of one at my "white wedding". I hope my future husband (whomever the heck he might be since he clearly hasn't made himself known to me yet) is down cuz this is non-negotiable for me lol.

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