Thursday, July 2, 2015

Locked and Loaded

I went to a gun range the other day. Apparently i'm a pretty good shot. Lets just hope I don't ever have to use my newly found talent lol.

One thing i can say for sure: guns are loud as f***! Oh my gosh. There was another guy already in the range when we got there and he had some ginormous assault rifle. Something straight outta Call of Duty. He let one off and oh my goodness. Everything went silent, then my ears started ringing like you wouldn't believe. Those damn ear plugs didn't do anything! Or maybe they did because i'm sure i would have gone completely deaf if not for them.

Another casings go flying every damn where. As i was shooting, my biggest fear became getting hit in the face with one. Several fell into my cleavage...or what would've been cleavage if i hadn't been wearing an appropriate shirt. And one hit my un-covered arm. It was so hot. I'm surprised it didn't leave a burn mark. Even as i was standing what i considered to be a safe distance away, i was still getting hit with spent shell casings.

Conclusion: i don't know how people shoot people (or animals or anything else really). Its loud, chaotic and the kickback/recoil after each shot is crazy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I have a question. If you know that your close friend or sibling is cheating on their partner- whether it be a spouse or long term significant other, do you feel it necessary to say or do anything? If you dont feel its your place to bring the info to the partner, do you at least feel like you should say something to the cheater?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Maybe im just too sensitive

...but this never ending barrage of side piece jokes are just not funny. Like, why is this whole sidepiece lifestyle/fad/thing even a thing? Its like its so normalized that theres not even any shock value left in it. Like its an expectation that a sidepiece be involved in every relationship. Seriously, why the hell is this a thing???

Im not naive enough to think that mistresses are a new phenomena. But damn, what happened to discretion? If you dont want to be in a monogamous relationship, why play the game? Clearly theres a shit ton of people who have no problem being side items so why not just play with them?

IDK man. This whole thing is super annoying.