Thursday, December 22, 2016

This is 30

It's been a week since i waved a tearful goodbye to my 20s. I'm still trying to adjust. I feel like i became an old woman overnight. I didn't even celebrate it. Which was as much of a surprise to me as it was to everyone else. I mean, if you had asked me 6mos ago what i was doing for the dirty30 (or flirty30 as Toin called it lol), i would've had a laundry list of ideas.

Oh well.

It turned out to be just another Thursday.

Got up, got myself together. Went to work. Ironically, we had our annual town hall meeting so that meant free breakfast:

and a 'holiday' token of appreciation:

I treated myself to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch since it was actually payday too. (what a birthday wake up to money in your bank account)

When i got back from lunch, i found my cubicle like this:


I did make plans to go to the spa that weekend but that didn't come to fruition. I did however get pretty much all my Christmas shopping done that weekend so there's that.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Shoot Your Shot

Cuffing Season is well underway.

But if the season isn't going so well, not panning out the way you planned, or if you've hit a snafu...never fear.

November 18th is the official Shoot Your Shot Day. Your last ditch attempt at locking down a holiday season sweetie. (Or your chance to grow a pair and holla at that cutie you've been eyeing all this while)

So go ahead. Slide into some DMs....

Send out those "hey stranger" texts. 

May the odds ever be in your favor!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Beware of Open Windows

During the daylight hours, I leave my blinds open and let natural light shine through my apartment. Truth be told, i just prefer it to wasting electricity using lights when its not yet dark outside. Today was no different.

Out the window in my living room, I can see the patio of another apartment across the...idk, i'll call it a courtyard for simplicity sake.

I'm not 100% sure if anyone actually lives in that apartment unit. I never see anyone over there. And i never see the lights on in the living room. But recently, there's been a growing pile of junk on the patio.

I assumed maybe someone had moved out and the maintenance staff were doing a trash out and/or flipping the unit.

So imagine my surprise today when i'm sitting watching tv and i start seeing all these people climbing in and around the patio. There was one guy in particular that caught my eye. When everyone else had walked away, he hung around, looking very suspicious. Very shifty.

And happened.

Homeboy whipped it out (and when i say out, it was ALL THE WAY out) and started peeing.


My blinds are all the way open!

Can you not see me seeing you?

And i'm no expert in public male urination but why does your WHOLE d1ck need to be out to pee?


Just awful.

Word to the wise, if you must pee in public, beware of open windows. Unless of course you have no shame.

I would make a pervy comment about my observation but i'm a good girl so i'll keep it to myself.